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What are Bunions?

A Bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue around a joint. The enlargement or "bump" is usually at the base of the big-toe joint or on the outside of the foot.

Bunions are often the result of faulty foot mechanics and can be aggravated by wearing narrow shoes. Women are more prone to bunions as a result of wearing pointed high-heeled shoes. The pain from a bunion can be mild to severe. Walking with a bunion can be difficult, especially in high-heeled shoes.

Treatment for Bunions

A podiatric surgeon should be consulted as soon as possible after pain and/or discomfort are felt. Treatment for a bunion is based on the severity of the pain, as well as the deformity. Some options are padding (the bunion), medications, physical therapy, shoe inserts and surgery for advanced cases. Without treatment, bunions may get larger and more painful.

A special note to parents:
Since bunions tend to run in families, parents who have bunions should have their children's feet checked if signs of deformity and discomfort develop.